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Lonestar Early Bronco Calendar

This great calendar features the rigs of 12 club members on high gloss
heavy stock paper.
#9060 LEBC Calendar, $7.50

Billet Radiator Cap
Give your aluminum radiator a finished look with this billet cap. A 16lb. pressure cap is siliconed inside the finished billet cap. This allows you to replace the pressure cap if it is ever to fail.
#3113 Billet Radiator Cap $29.95

Sportsman Suspension Seats
The original suspension seat has been tested from Baja Racing to Moab Rock Crawling. These purpose built seats are the best quality we’ve found. After trying numerous brands, this is what we now have in HiHo Silver. MasterCraft
Each seat starts with .065 wall tubing as a foundation covered with double straps for additional comfort and support. The suspension inner is made of one piece nylon mesh that provides extreme strength and a comfortable ride yet allows the seat to breathe and allow moisture to pass through. Polyurethane foam of different thickness and density provide a shaped seating surface, while the 40 oz. vinyl sides and breathable fabric make a durable yet comfortable seat.

The Sportsman is a low profile suspension seat with a fixed headrest, 5 point seatbelt holes, loops to secure belts in place, and a mid-height (5.5”) side bolster for easy entry and exit, while still offering security. The floor mounting area is 16” from front to back and 14” wide, seating height is approx. 3.5” from the floor. Other models and options are available including; adjustable headrest, lumbar support and seat heat, please call for details. Require seat mounting brackets, sold separately below.
#4740 B Sportsman Seat, each, Black $329.95
#4740 B/G Sportsman Seat, each, Black & Gray
Seat Mounting Brackets
We worked closely with Mastercraft to design and test these brackets. They allow the seat to sit lower than most aftermarket seats, giving you great visibility. No more looking through the wiper blades! Hardware allows you to preset the most comfortable amount of tilt to the seat, mount using stock seat mounting holes, slide using the underseat bar. Come powder coated black.
#4739 D or P, Mounting Brackets with Slides, Specify side

Rear Suspension Bench
The Mastercraft bench seat is made with same quality components as the front buckets but with room for two and it fits perfectly between the wheel-wells. Rear seats feature 4 point harness slot, harness loops, available with or without adjustable headrests. Seat is 40” wide and requires drilling three holes for installation. Colors available by special order.
#4742 Sportsman 40" Bench Seat, Black $474.95
Seat Savers
Protect your investment from the sudden down pour with no top, trail dog, or muddy jeans with seat saver seat covers. Allows you to sit in the seat when it is covered. Made from heavy duty Cordura material and Velcro latches the front and sides.
#4745 Seat Savers, Specify Red, Blue, or Black
$59.95 each
MasterCraft Seat Savers

1000 Miles to Glory
Baja 1000 Book

This amazing new book about the history of the world’s greatest off road race is one you can’t miss. It is written by the editor of the new DirtSports Magazine, and done in conjunction with SCORE. It features great content about the early years of Baja (when Duffy raced) through 2004. Hardcover 265 pages, 264 color pics, 83 B&W pics.
#9046 $39.95


Winch Accessory Kit
Ramsey Winch Accessory KitThis kit gives you the tools you need to get maximum use from your winch. Included in the durable Cordura case are: a 16,000lb. capacity snatch block for double line or non straight line pulls, a 6' tree trunk protector (when using a tree as an anchor), a heavy duty shackle to attach the snatch block to the trunk protector or other object and gloves for handling the winch cable. This kit is a must for the person that relies on their winch or Hi-lift Jack to get them unstuck. For use with up to a 8000lb. winch.
#5988 Ramsey Winch Accessory Kit, $149.00

Ramsey Patriot 9500 with Wireless Remote
Ramsey Patriot 95003 stage planetary gear and series wound motor for fast line speed. Integrated solenoid for easy installation. Includes roller fairlead. Wireless remove works without cables or switches. Start, stop in or out. Let's you operate your winch from up to 50 ft. away, more than enough to be out of harm's way! Works with most other brand name electric winches as well, call for details. Includes weatherproof transmitter equipped with long-life battery, and power saver circuit, transmitter and antenna with magnetic base. Wireless kits also sold separately.
#5982, $1324.00
#5983 Wireless for Ramsey, $156
#5984 Wireless for Warn, $156.00

LubeLocker Gaskets
Lube Locker GasketsIf you're tired of beating your diff cover with a hammer, spending forever trying to getting the old RTV off, picking all the little flakes off the ring gear, making a mess trying to get the cover on, cleaning the extra RTV off the axle, and then waiting for it to setup before you can add oil, then Throw away your RTV-LubeLocker Gaskets are the way to go. Rubber coated, steel core construction with elastomer beading makes for an excellent seal.
#5767-1 Dana 30 LubeLocker Gasket, $22.50
#5767-2 Dana 44 LubeLocker Gasket, $22.50
#5767-3 9" LubeLocker Gasket, $22.50
#5767-4 8.8 LubeLocker Gasket, $22.50

Billet Aluminum Flashlight Holders
Flashlight HoldersTired of your flashlight rolling around or fishing for it in the bottom of the console?  Beautifully machined Billet Aluminum holder for all C and D Mag-light style flashlights allows quick and easy release with a simple turn of the knob.  Mounts easily to any flat surface.
#9655, Specify C or D $25.90

Ford Wall Clock
Ford Wall ClockA must have for every Ford lover, this officially licensed 13 1/2" wall clock features three hand Quartz movement and is AA battery operated. Classy white plastic case with Chrome plated Bezel includes 3 year warranty.
#9505A  Ford Clock $24.95

Duff Logo Receiver Plug
Duff Receiver PlugShow your pride in your  Duff products and give your  Bumper that finishing touch with this 2" brushed aluminum receiver plug.
#9642 $14.95

Roll Bar Grab Handles
Roll Bar Grab HandlesThese handles are the best we've found yet. Durable black nylon webbing with easy to hold rubber grips and rubber lining ensures a no slip grip to the roll bar.  Available in 2" or 3"; 2" fits bars without padding and 3" fits bars with pad.
#9026 2" Handles $39.50/pair
#9027 3" Handles $39.50/pair

Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Base
Hi-Lift Jack BaseKeeps your jack from sinking in soft terrain. Tougher and easier to store than a piece of plywood.
#9608  $39.95

Jack Handle Keeper
Jack Handle KeeperThis nifty little polyurethane bushing slips over your jack and jack handle holding them together rattle free. Now you can toss that ratty old bungee cord!  Added bonus, you can carry the jack by the handle! No more bear hugging the jack to keep it together!
#9609 $9.95

The "Everything Bag?
Duff BagWe're at a loss to name this versatile little baby! A drawstring neoprene bag with nonskid Velcro straps allow you to attach it to your cage with or without padding. So far we've used them for our 2lb. fire extinguisher, water bottle, FRS radio & cell phone. We just keep finding more uses!
#9028 Black or #9029 Red $27.50

V8 Conversion Radiator Hoses
V8 Radiator HosesWe've done the research for you. Here they are. Fit both our 4-core Copper/Brass and Aluminum radiators.
#3632 V8 Upper Radiator Hose, BII, Ranger, Explorer $18.50
#3633 V8 Lower Radiator Hose, BII, Ranger Explorer

Stage 8 Bolts & Premium Gaskets
Stage 8 GasketsLoose bolts=blown gaskets. These use a patented locking system that won't come loose. With Stage 8's and our premium gaskets you won't be crawling under your rig to replace gaskets any time soon!
#3080 Stage 8 Header Bolts, V8 $59.50
#3081 Stage 8 Collector Bolts $29.00
#3050 Prem. Header Gasket, V8 $24.50
#3055 Prem. Collector Gasket

James Duff Long Travel Shock

Long Travel Shock
Same Great Design and Quality as our other shocks, with added for long travel and high articulation suspensions. The first of these three features is length. Our 8120 is 35 1/2" extended and 20 1/2 collapsed. With 15" of vertical travel, this is the longest shock available in this style. It would take going to an expensive racing shock system to get this kind of travel.

They also include a larger narrower eye loop, utilizing a extremely flexible rubber bushing with thick shoulders. The result is a bushing that will twist as much as possible in all directions, but still maintain it's anti-vibration characteristics and durability. This eye design has twice the articulation of the standard eye design with an hourglass bushing. Shock mount flexibility is important because without it the shock will bind., limiting suspension travel.

These shocks not only work great crawling over trails at 6 hours per mile, but also at 60 miles per hour over freeways, washboards and sand dunes.
PART# 8120

Detroit LockerDetroit Locker
Ultra-reliability is achieved with this bombproof automatic locker. Detroit Locker has been the name in reliable traction aiding differentials for decades. Automatically senses when one tire loses traction and sends the power to the tire with traction without the driver having to do anything but drive! Note: Automatic lockers do have some on-road handling quirks such as slightly increased tire wear and a slight "push feel" when cornering, decelerating, and accelerating. Should be installed by experienced Differential Mechanic. Call for info on reverse rotation housings.
PART# 3860 $599.00

Axle Wedges

Axle Wedges
For the Bronco Owner that is swapping front axles, these wedges make it much easier. No need to cut a good front axle just for parts. These wedges are designed to weld onto a 2 3/4" O.D. tube, just like a factory Early Bronco Dana 44 but are easily modified to fit onto 3" O.D. tubing found on high pinion Dana 44 and Dana 60. Cast with all the current configurations to fit the inside of a C bushing exactly like original.
PART# 5340 $85.00

Transmission CoolerTranny Cooler
Low speed four wheeling puts tons of heat into the fluid. Heat is the number one reason for automatic transmission problems. Get rid of the heat with this 6-pass high flow Flex-O-Light cooler with it's own built in thermostatically controlled fan (reversible) and shroud. This allows it to be mounted anywhere there is room and still be able to have air flow for efficiency in dissipating heat. Unit is 10 1/2 x 15 x 4 1/2" with barbed fittings for easy hookup to your transmission lines. Comes with mounting hardware to hook it up to the radiator or to remote mount it. A must have for Rock Crawling with an automatic.
PART# 3126 $285.00

Bronco Dome Light Dome Light
If you've installed a soft top it most likely means the wiper cover and the dome light went with it. This bright dome light bolts to any flat surface or woork great tie wrapped to a rool bar. This means no more fumbling in the dark for dropped items or to find the next tape or CD. Requires some simple wiring
PART# 4430

Tuffy ConsoleTuffy Center Console And Lock Box
Tuffy has built a name as being one of the toughest lock boxes in the industry. We offer their 16 gauge steel lock boxes with or without a separate box for stereo or CB. Center consoles feature a built in padded arm rest, two large cup holders, neoprene lid seal, convenience tray, removable inner shelf and their custom pry-guard locking system with cylindrical lock. Available both 8 and 10" wide version to fit stock or aftermarket seats and come with mounting brackets and grade 8 hardware. Consoles are 16 1/2" high and 24" long.
PART# 4795 - 8" Console With Radio Compartment, Specify B or G

PART# 4796 - 10" Console With Radio Compartment, Specify B or G $259.00

Power Tank

Power Tank
Here's the tool for quick airing up, reseating beads, portable power for air tools or to even to run an ARB Air Locker. Filled with liquid CO2 for safety and compact powerful storage, the power tank is so useful for so many trail tasks you'll wonder how you got by without it. Easily pumps a 35" tire from 10 to 25 psi in just 60 seconds. That's just FOUR MINUTES to air up your tires. It can air up to thirteen 33x12.50 tires per fill!

Systems include a DOT approved tank, solid brass Super Flow adjustable regulator, aluminum regulator guard that doubles as a handle and a 25" DuraThane coil hose with a ball air chuck. The tank is easily refillable at any fire extinguisher or welding supply facility. We offer the tank in black, bright polished or an economy version. Note: the economy kit includes a fixed regulator and 20' hose. The mounting bracket for mounting to a flat surface or a roll bar is sold separately. It has quick release straps and rubber contact points. Covers are also available.

#9620 Black Power Tank System, $369.95
#9621 Polished Power Tank System, $345.00
#9622 Economy Power Tank System, $265.00
#9623 Mounting Bracket, $59.95
#9624 Regulator cover, $12.75
#9625 Tank Cover, $12.75

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