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Winch Plate Bumper

Winch Plate Bumper

Winch bumper for up to a 9500 pound winch. Designed to maximize approach angle, yet with the lowest possible winch mount height for maximum air-flow to the radiator.

Constructed of a combination of 3/16” and 1/4” plate for maximum strength without too much weight. 1/4” plate wrap around protection for lower fenders. Laser cut openings for jacking points and attachment points for shackles. Same model fits with or without body lift. Shown on Hi-Ho with 2" body lift and on the Red Wagon stock.

#4935 Winch Plate Bumper, $425.00

Winch Plate Bumper Winch Plate Bumper

Rear Plate Tire Carrier Bumper

Rear Plate Bumpers
Rear Plate Bumpers

Our new plate bumper was designed with form and function in mind. Constructed of a combination of 3/16” and 1/4” plate for maximum strength without too much weight in a design created to maximize ground clearance and departure angle. 1/4” plate wraps around, protecting the lower quarters. A 2” receiver hitch (with easily accessible pin) and laser cut jacking points can be combined with our proven camlatch tire, can carrier and cooler racks. Includes Jack/Tire Carrier and pivots on both sides for easy can carrier addition.
#4937 Rear Plate Bumper with Tire Carrier, $625.00
#4937-BL Rear Plate Bumper for 2" Body lift with Tire Carrier, $625.00

New Removable Trail Doors
Removable Trail Doors

#7005 Trail Doors, 68-77 Bronco* $299.00
*Require #4935 Removable Hinges

#7005 Trail Doors & #4235 Removable Door Hinges,
Combo Package Price $445.00

These doors are the result of too many long hot trail rides! They are perfect for those who want the cooling comfort and trail visibility of going doorless, but want a more secure feeling. They utilize our removable hinges and a cam latch that secures to your stock striker— so you can switch back and forth with your hard doors easily! Suzy specifically requested the perfect armrest height, corner plate and close lower bar to keep your valuables from sliding out while on the trail. Made of .090 wall tubing for strength without being too heavy. A 1/2” hinge pin is built into the door that slides into a brass oilite bushing on the hinge. Come bare so you can paint to match your rig. We have clamp on mirrors already available. Watch for covers & padded armrests for these in the future!

Tube Latch
Door Hinge


“Monster” Suspensions
These systems take our Ultimate and Long Travel Suspension all the way with the addition of our Stage 3
Radius Arms, Extended Length Brake Hoses, E-brake cables, a Heavy Duty Bump Stop kit and a Drop Pitman Arm.

Monster Suspension Kit SYSTEM M: 5.5" Monster Suspension
5.5" Progressive Rate Coils, 7° 14 piece Bushing Kit, 11 Leaf Springs, Stage 3 Radius Arms, HD Track Bar Drop Bracket, U-bolts, Stage 2 Shock Hoops, Stage 2 Rear Shock Mounts, 4-8120 Long Travel Shocks, 4-8114 Shocks, Shackle Bushings.
*At least a 2” body lift required.
#5000M-MD System M: 66-75 Bronco, Medium Duty Leafs $2195.00
#5001M-MD System M: 76-77 Bronco, Medium Duty Leafs $2195.00
#5000M-HD System M: 66-75 Bronco, Heavy Duty Leafs $2195.00
#5001M-HD System M: 76-77 Bronco, Heavy Duty Leafs $2195.00

SYSTEM P: 5.5" Monster Suspension - for vehicles without a body lift
5.5" Progressive Rate Coils, 7° 14 piece Bushing Kit, 11 Leaf Springs, Stage 3 Radius Arms, HD Track Bar Drop Bracket, U-bolts, Original Stage 1 Shock Hoops, Stage 1 Rear Shock Mounts, 8-8114 Shocks, Shackle Bushings, Brake hoses, E-brake cables, HD Bump stops and a Drop pitman arm.
#5000P-MD System P: 66-75 Bronco, Medium Duty Leafs $2095.00
#5001P-MD System P: 76-77 Bronco, Medium Duty Leafs $2095.00
#5000P-HD System P: 66-75 Bronco, Heavy Duty Leafs $2095.00
#5001P-HD System P: 76-77 Bronco, Heavy Duty Leafs $2095.00

Items to consider adding when lifting 3-4":
Stage 3 Tubular Radius Arms #5350, $699.00
Extended Brake Lines #3930, $75.00
Drop Pitman Arm #5473, $64.75
E-Brake Cable #3756, $24.00
Bump Stops #6315, $99.50

U.F.O. Flares: Ultra-Flex-Original

U.F.O. Fender Flares


#1211 Front UFO Flares, Black or White $179.00 pair
#1212 Rear UFO Flares, Black or White $179.00 pair
#1211 & #1212 Combo buy both Front & Rear together & Save! $339.00

Space age material creates a flare that is out of this world! It is the most flexible flare we have ever seen! Yet, it still holds it’s shape in heat and doesn’t get brittle in the cold. These are very pliable and will conform to straight or “trail customized” sheet metal. Rears are 48" outside bottom tip-to-tip, inside 43.5". Fronts are 46" outside bottom, 39" inside. Referred to as original because they are made from our original style molds i.e.; the size is comparable to those we’ve been selling since the last century. However, they can be stretched to accommodate larger wheel openings. High gloss black or white, are paintable (with flex additive). Black welting and aluminum rivets included.


Twisty! Flexible!

Rear Disc Brake Conversion
Rear Disc Brake ConversionThis kit is a direct bolt on, comprised of completely new parts — no junkyard salvaging or piecing together! It utilizes readily available GM style calipers and pads and replaces the backing plate and drum assembly. Works with your stock axles, requires no machining or special axles. Works with all types of 9” axles currently available. Available with or without park brake.

Kit Includes: 11 9/16” rotors with 5 x 5 1/2” bolt pattern (not re-drilled or universal), Zinc plated Caliper Brackets (clockable to allow different caliper positions, making it compatible with most dual shock mounts), spacer plates, Calipers (with or without park brake), Brake hoses from caliper to hard line and brackets for mounting the junction.

Rear Disc Brake ConversionRear Disc Brake Conversion

Park brake kit also includes: cable to caliper adapters to connect the park brake cable to the caliper.
#3716 9” Rear Disc Kit, 3/8” retaining bolts, $589.00
#3717 9” Rear Disc Kit, 1/2” retaining bolts, $589.00
#3718 9” Rear Disc Kit, with park brake, 3/8” retaining bolts, $899.00
#3719 9” Rear Disc Kit, with park brake, 1/2” retaining bolts, $899.00

New Removable Door Hinges

Removable Door Hinges
These are perfect for those of you who love to go door-less during the summer or while wheeling. These new hinges also make it easy to simply remove your doors if they are in imminent danger. Our beefy new forged steel hinges have 1/2” pins with replaceable permanently lubricated brass oilite bushings for smooth operation. Our design reverses the side the pin stays on, the pin goes with the door—no hook to get caught on when the door is off. Combine with our Trail Doors and you’ve got doors for all seasons.

Removable Door HingesRemovable Door Hinges

Also a viable option for those needing new hinges—the cost of stock hinges is unbelievable, if you can even find them! Plus, the stock hinges still have their weak 1/4” pins. Set of four hinges includes new bolts.
#4235 Removable Door Hinges, Set of four $29

Long Travel Traction Bar
Long Travel Traction BarWith low-geared axles and high torque motors, soft long travel leaf springs distort under power-this can cause damage to springs and blow u-joints. Ordinary long tube, fixed mount traction bars limit travel as the rear axle cycles up and down because the axle also needs to move back and forth. Our new traction bar has an "A" frame designed center link for strength and a utilizes a specially designed shackle to eliminate axle wrap. The bar runs between the mufflers, parallelling the drive line; protecting it. It also maintains proper u-joint and CV angles under power. The main bar attaches to the high clearance cross-member and shackle. The cross-member mounts up between the frame rails for maximum clearance and helps protect your CV joint and output shaft from trail obstacles. Compatible with our Dual Exhaust system; other systems may require some modification. Welding brackets to the housing is required.

#5326 Ford 9" Early Housing, $289.00
#5327 Ford 9" Late Housing, $289.00


Long Travel Traction Bar
Long Travel Traction BarAdjustable width cross-member and shackle with urethane bushings eliminate axle wrap.
Long Travel Traction BarLower mount adjusts for varying lift heights with the heavy duty 3/4" rod end.

Hydroboost Power Brakes
Give your Bronco modern stopping power, with the addition of a Hydroboost assist brake system. This system take the place of the traditional vacuum brake booster. For Bronco's with rear disc brakes, tall tires, high horse motors, or tired motors with little or no vacuum, hydroboost is the way to go.

Our system is the most complete unit available for Early Bronco owners-it includes a new master cylinder, a new flow tested hydro boost unit, High pressure double reinforced abrasion resistant fluid lines, master cylinder to proportioning valve fluid lines and hardware.

The hydro boost unit mounts to a proven stock style booster bracket, no modification of firewall will be required or custom brackets. This kit will work with 289, 302 & 351W. This position keeps the unit is away from hot exhaust manifolds and headers that can cause poor performance or even damage a hydroboost unit. With this system you still be able to easily access spark plugs, wires, valve covers, and other engine components.

The workhorse of the system is the flow tested, tight quarters hydro boost unit, it uses an internal can for more space in the engine compartment and is mounted right side up. High pressure double reinforced fluid lines that are abrasion resistant and unlike braided lines won't "sing" when fluid passes through at high pressure. The high pressure lines are custom fit, Master cylinder to proportioning valve fluid lines and hardware.The kit requires a high output power steering pump. If don't have one already, the #3691 kit includes our proven Saginaw pump, bracket and necessary hardware.
#3690 Hydro Boost Kit w/o H.O. PS pump, $899.00

Intro special
#3691 Hydro Boost System w/H.O. PS pump, $1149.00

Leaf Spring Perches
If using a take out 9", you will need to move the spring perches or use these heavy duty ones. (which is much easier than trying to remove the stock ones in one piece) 2.25" wide, includes 1/2" locator pin hole. For 3" axle tubes.
#3448 9" Perches, pair, $27.00

9" Housings
Take out 9" rear ends are getting harder to come by. This is a HD version of a late model Early Bronco housing. Mig welded with a 23" center section, 3" x .188" wall swedged tubes with large bearing ends. Housing comes bare and will require adding spring perches if using with leaf springs.
#3449 $449.00

Long Travel Drivelines
Our long travel drivelines are for long travel suspensions with lots of flex! The last thing you want at full droop is your driveline falling apart! The rear driveline will fit from stock height vehicles on up.
#3818 Front Long Travel Driveline, $389.00
#3819 Rear Long Travel Driveline , $399.00

Super Joint Axle U-Joints
Similar to a CTM or OX joint, these one piece machined joints offer unparalleled strength due to the elimination of the needle bearings. A great addition if you are installing a front locker because lockers put increased stressed on the axle u-joints. The kit includes two joints for the Dana 44 front end, a special grease gun and grease that must be used to lubricate the joints. The joints are for the serious off-road enthusiast and can only be used with heavy duty and chromoly axles.
#3767 Super Joints Kit, $329.00

Dana 44 Chromoly Axle Kit
Beefed up yokes and 40% stronger than stock, these are less brittle than other chromoly and HD shafts, allowing them to flex instead of snapping. Complete kit includes: 2 outer shafts, driver, pass shafts, and either Spicer HD U-joints or Super Joints. 5 yr mfr. warranty. Note: not warrantied against U-joint failure. Pieces also available individually, please call for prices.
#3768 Chromoly Axle Kit w/Spicer Joints, $449.00
#3768SJ Chromoly Axle Kit w/Super Joints, $699.00

Dana 44 Diff Guard Dana 44 Diff Guard
Full wrap design of 1/4" Laser cut steel and 5/8" solid bar. Designed specially to clear EB trackbar and tie rod. Center section wraps slightly under to protect case. Easy to install, doesn't require removing the cover. Silver zinc plated, includes hardware.
#5763 Dana 44 Skid Plate, $69.00

9-inch skid 9" Skid Plate
Protect your diff and the pinion from rocks with our unique 1/4" thick plate steel skid plate with maximum ground clearance. Easy to install two piece design; mounting bracket mounts to the housing studs, then skid plate mounts to it (along with pinion carrier bolts) with counter sunk bolts for a smooth sliding surface. Silver zinc plated, includes hardware.
#5762 $109.5

Antenna Bezel
High quality chrome just like original. Includes two pieces and gasket.
#4299 $34.50

Door Check Straps with Stainless Footman Loops
We've had replacement check straps for years, but finding footman loops was difficult if yours were rusty or gone. This set solves that problem and some! Beautiful polished stainless footman loops are pre-sewn into the straps! Sold as a pair, includes stainless bolts.
#4233 Check Straps w/Loops, pair, $20.00

Gas Pedal - New Replacement
Just like original!
#4372, $13.00

Bumper Retrofit Rear Tire Carrier
This kit is to add a Tire Carrier to a Duff (non tire carrier) rear bumper. It contains a new style cam latch style tire carrier with stud type mounting for the spare tire, the passenger side pivot assembly and catch-plate. Includes all hardware for mounting the swing arm carrier, spare tire, and cam-latch. Welding required for installation.
#4983A $285.00

Bumper Retrofit Rear Can Carrier
This kit is to add a can carrier to a Duff (non tire carrier) rear bumper. It includes the new style cam latch can carrier, the driver side pivot assembly, catch-plate, & handle stop. Welding required for installation.
#4984 $299.00

Cam-Latch Conversion Tire Carrier
These kits are for upgrading a Duff Carrier Bumper with the pin and T-handle closures to the new cam-latch closure. Each kit contains a cam latch handle assembly and catch plate. Both of which will need welded on after carefully removing the old pin and retainer plate.
#4985 Tire Carrier/Passenger side, $79.00
#4986 Can Carrier/Driver side, $79.00

Brushed Aluminum Steering Column Cover
Laser cut 1/8" brushed aluminum column cover matches our interior door panels and soon-to-be-released rear interior quarter panels for that custom look. Includes stainless screws.
#4710  $28.95

Improved Brushed Aluminum Door Panels
Now made of 1/8" solid brushed aluminium grained on both sides, making them reversible if they get dinged up!  Holes for door cup, window crank and screws laser cut for precision. Includes Stainless screws for the finished look. Fit 68-77 doors.
#4726C Aluminum Door Panels, 68-77
$125.50 pair

5.0 Conversion Aluminum Radiator
Eliminate your plumbing and overheating problems when converting to a 5.0 with our aluminum radiator with the inlet/outlet in the correct positions. No more expensive custom hoses or creative solutions. This two core no-epoxy, fully Tig welded tank with furnace brazed cores  of .080 thick material offers increased capacity.  Easy access petcock drain on the passenger side & a heat exchanger style auto tranny cooler with 1/2" NPT ports.  Offers 35% more cooling capacity than a stock 3 core!  Includes zinc plated mounts and urethane bushings for vibration reduction.
#3112 5.0 Aluminum Radiator, Early Bronco $480.00

Drag Link
Stock Adjustable Drag LinkStock style adjustable drag link for T-style steering allows proper alignment. DOT legal, unlike rod ended versions. Works with up up to 6" of lift.
#5479A Adj. Drag Link, 66-75 $165.50

Tuffy Glove Box
Tuffy Bronco Glove Box16-gauge steel, built in weather seals, with Tuffy's patented locking system make this a great spot to lock up valuables. Split-lid design works with most cages. Access panel on the inside for factory fuse box. Black powdercoated, mounting bracket and hardware included.
#4798 Tuffy Security Glove Box $119.00

Heavy Duty Track Bar Drop Bracket
Heavy Duty Track Bar Drop BracketWrap-around design completely covers the stock bracket and reinforces the frame. Made of heavy duty 1/4" plate steel. Recommended for 35"+ tires and a must have for hard core rock crawlers.
#5407 HD Brkt, 66-75 $99.00
#5409 HD Brkt, 76-77 $99.00

Adjustable Track Bar
Adjustable Track BarWith up to 3" of adjustability this will get the front end centered under your rig and help correct steering woes. Will work with up to 6" of lift. Black powdercoated, includes poly bushings.
#5403 Adj. Track Bar, 66-75 $139.50
#5404 Adj. Track Bar, 76-77 $139.50

Twin Stick Shifter for T-Pattern Dana 20
Twin Stick Shifter for T-pattern Dana 20Tired of fighting that stock shifter?  By separating the shift rails and using twin shifters this kit makes for easier trouble-free shifting. Designed to match our floor shifters with chrome handles and walnut knobs. Requires minor modification to the shift rails and floor board for installation. Includes Boot & cover panel.  Works with stock 3 speed.
#2122  T-Pattern Twin Stick $219.00

Twin Stick Shifter for J-Pattern Dana 20 T-Case
Tired of fighting that stock J-shifter? By separating the shift rails and using twin shifters this kit makes for easier trouble-free shifting. An added bonus is a variety of gear options allowing you to better utilize the Dana 20, controlling the power to the front and rear separately. Requires minor modification to the shift rails and floorboard for installation. Includes chrome shift handles embossed with the Duff name, wood knobs with domed decals to match our 3 and 4-speed floor shifters, boot & cover panel.
#2152 J-Pattern Twin Stick, 1973-77 Bronco $199.00

Heavy Duty Dana 44 Housings
Looking to upgrade to discs or replace a bent housing? Our remanufactured housings are specially made by Currie utilizing our components. Designed to be an easy bolt in with a heavy-duty track bar mount, our C-bushing wedges and reinforced bump stop mounting plates. For rigs with 3.5" or more lift, we offer a version with a 10° pinion angle tilt. This provides a better pinion angle for u-joint and driveline longevity while retaining the ability to get proper caster. Both housings work with our Disc Brake Kits, HD or Chromolly axles and any locker. Call for a quote on a complete custom built front end!
#3450 Dana 44 Housing, 1966-77 Bronco $1195.00
#3451 Dana 44 Housing with 10° Pinion Angle, 1966-77 Bronco

Billet Windshield Knobs
Aerospace Billet, CNC machined and anodized for long lasting good looks. Machined stainless steel bolt to eliminate rust. Available in silver (clear anodized) and blue anodized.
#4807 Windshield Knobs, Silver $69.95 pair
#4807 BL Windshield Knobs, Blue
$69.95 pair
#4807 R Windshield Knobs, Red $69.95 pair

Tie Rod Over Knuckle Flip Kit & Adjustable Tie Rod and Drag Link

Tie Rod Over Knuckle Flip Kit & Adjustable Tie Rid and Drag Link kitTie Rod Over Knuckle Flip Kit & Adjustable Tie Rid and Drag Link kit

We all know that there are rocks and stumps out there with your stock tie rod’s name on them! To keep them out of harm’s way we developed this kit to relocate the tie rod on top of the knuckle, 3" higher! This creates a flatter drag link, which helps reduce bump steer. Works on any Ford Disc Brake equipped Dana 44 (large 5 bolt pattern) including our Disc Brake conversion. Includes Steering Knuckles made from Nodular Iron reinforced in high stress areas, adjustable steering stops, new spindle studs and nuts, adjustable drag link and two-way adjustable tie rod. For those with 1976-77 Inverted Y steering, this kit can be used to convert to the stronger T-style and get more clearance at the same time. Available as an option on our Disc Brake Conversion or as a stand-alone kit. Requires a stock 1967-75 pitman arm or our drop pitman arm. Multi-adjustable tie rod and drag link are also available separately.
#3729 Tie Rod over Knuckle Complete Kit $575.00
#3737 Complete Tie Rod Flip Kit & Front Disc Brake Kit
#5478 Adjustable Tie Rod
#5479 Adjustable Drag Link

Ultimate Power Steering System

This is a brand new custom built power steering box that bolts directly to the Early Bronco frame with NO drilling! Direct bolt up means this system is as easy as it gets for adding that much needed power steering to your Early Bronco. Our system uses a slightly modified version of our tried and true Saginaw Power Steering pump in combination with our specially built tight tolerance (for less slack in the wheel) steering box. Short 3 1/3 turn box means quick response and excellent control for a "sporty" feel. Cast in gussets on the box make for a stronger case to stand up to the stress bigger tires inflict. Stock pitman arm bolts right up. Sits the same distance below the frame as a stock box so factory steering geometry is maintained, so it works on stock height or lifted rigs. Comes with all necessary components including box, brackets, hoses, aluminum pulley for the pump, steering shaft coupler and all necessary hardware.

#3227 Ultimate Power Steering System, 1966-77 Bronco

Bronco Valve CoversBronco Valve Covers
These classic valve covers fit all small block Ford 289, 302, 351W. Pressure die cast from high quality 383-3 aluminum. Include plug wire brackets, pvc grommet and cad plated oil filler tube to help prevent corrosion. Improved oil baffle design for most high lift rockers. Non compatible with EFI.
PART# 3365 Black Wrinkle $159.50

PART# 3366 Polished $239.50

Metal Fan Shroud
Metal Fan Shroud
For those who severely abuse their vehicles, this black powder-coat 16 gauge steel shroud takes a real beating.
PART# 3109 $99.50

23 Gallon Gas Tank Skid Plate
A must for those who like to play rough! Black painted 1/4" thick plate steel covers the entire bottom of the tank, wrapping around the sides and up at each end to protect the front and back. Works with most 23-gallon aftermarket gas tanks.
#5766 23 Gallon Gas Tank Skid Plate, 1966-77 Bronco $172.00

Intermittent Wiper KitIntermittent Wiper Kit
Update your stock electric windshield wiper system with modern intermittent wipers. This kit makes driving in light rain or mist much easier, no more fumbling for the wiper switch every couple seconds! Simply unplug and remove your stock switch and plug in the new switch and relay box. Such a quick and easy upgrade, you’ll wonder why you ever did without.
#4862 Intermittent Wiper Kit, 1968-77 Bronco

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